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The situation is not calm: thousands of migrants are already blocking the Polish border

The situation is not calm: thousands of migrants are already blocking the Polish border

Migrants from the Belarusian side, in uniform, set up tents at the border crossing on Monday. The Polish authorities estimated the number of people who camped at the site in recent days at about 800Currently, 3-4 thousand migrants live along the entire Polish-Belarus border.

According to the Border Guard spokesman, Katarzina Zdanovic On Friday morning, dozens of new immigrants joined the camps in Koznica Białystok. Before that, they crossed the Belarusian part of the Kuznica-Bialostuka border crossing without entering Polish territory. Poland closed the border crossing on Tuesday morning.

The Polish press also cites a statement from the Belarusian State Border Committee (GPK) that another group of about a hundred people went to the border in the morning.

The spokesman also reported that the Belarusian border guards had mobilized at night in Koznica Bialostuka a group of 40 people, mostly women and children, to the border fence. They eventually did not cross the border, the spokesperson said, and after a failed attempt, the group left.

Another mass border crossing attempt was made at Polochi, about 150 km south of Koznica Białystok. There, about a hundred migrants threw stones and tree branches at the Polish border guards, but they could not cross the border.

According to the spokesman, the Polish border guards have monitored more Belarusian law enforcement agencies after the provocations in the past weeks. This time, the lasers were directed at the Polish border guards twice; The strength of the rays is unknown, Zdanovic said, and it is not known if they cause visual impairment.

Since Monday, when the situation at the Belarusian border became especially tense, Polish border guards have thwarted several attempts at mass border violations. Since the beginning of the year, nearly 33,000 attempted border violations have been recorded at the Polish-Belarusian border, and about 4,500 since the beginning of November.

Illegal immigrants have been arriving at the eastern borders of European Union member states bordering Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia for months. According to the European Union, the Minsk leadership, using migrants, launched a mixed attack on the union, and Brussels on Thursday expected further sanctions against Belarus and airlines transporting migrants as early as Monday.

Cover image source: Leonid Shcheglov/TASS via Getty Images

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