The situation in Houston is increasingly hopeless - JJ Watt has been dumped

The situation in Houston is increasingly hopeless – JJ Watt has been dumped

The Houston Texans in the NFL have officially revealed their 31-year-old classic, JJ Watt – and this same player has announced on Twitter.

How about you, Houston? With Watt, we could easily no longer see Watson in the Texas compound anymore (Image: Getty Images)


“Instead of an official statement or press conference, I want to announce one important thing in this video because I want Houstonians to hear from me first. I sat down to talk to the management and asked them to take her out of the team and they came in. Happy JJ Watt.

The arcade classic was chosen by Texas in the first round of the 2011 Players’ Show. Watt won the Defender of the Year award a total of three times, was selected for the Pro Bowl team five times, and led the NFL twice in bags.

His behavior is perfect not only in the field, but also abroad, in 2017 he won the title of Man of the Year, namely Walter Payton.

The ball has been around the Texas house for weeks, As for co-star manager Deshawn Watson, he expressed his displeasure with management to appoint General Manager Nick Casierio to the guard, despite his promise, without informing Watson. If that wasn’t enough, he would have appointed head coach David Cooley to the position without the manager’s knowledge – Watson wanted Kansas City Chiefs’ attack coordinator Eric Binemi as head coach.

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The 25-year-old hasn’t replaced his classic player, Dee Andre Hopkins, with a good reputation, but he’s now bitten by the Houston administration so much that he wants to leave.

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