The singer never kept her funny opinion a secret

The singer never kept her funny opinion a secret

The latest post of the famous artist raised a lot of dust, as he evaluated not his own production, but one of the performances of fellow musician Erica Zoltan. “This should not be forced like this,” Jolie said in his short message…

The shared video and critical review written next to it made an impact and Julie Comments flow under his post. Among the commentators there is someone who agrees with Jolie, but according to the majority, it is disgraceful for the artist to attack the beloved by many, who has a professional history of forty years. Erica Zoltan.

It was just a note, that’s me, you can love it or hate it, that’s it! Anyway, I only perform live in front of people if I can do it the way my audience expects me to. If not, I’d rather cancel the show and not disappoint the audience too much…

– Jolie wrote within his own post, personally responding to almost every comment on his page.

Source: Julie / Instagram

The comment on the video has also reached the recipient, A pepper She called Erika Zoltan to find out what the singer had to say about her fellow musician.

I’ll be honest, my fans and friends have also sent me this specific post. But I don’t care at all, I’m just not willing to deal with it, and I don’t even notice

The singer concluded the topic briefly.

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