The show can't stop, but can an athlete get past the vaccine?

The show can’t stop, but can an athlete get past the vaccine?

The world of sports has not had a bad year like 2020 – the coronavirus pandemic in the spring has crippled international sport even more than World War II. The Summer Olympics and World Cup had to be postponed, and the TV companies, which were primarily providing financial support for the show, had nothing to broadcast temporarily. And then we didn’t even talk about how many athletes stopped working, how many professionals had to look for other jobs, or how many clubs that went and could go bankrupt, or how many background workers lost their jobs, or how beaten amateur and youth athletes were. From the epidemic.

2021 is all about integrity – and that’s what the sport is hoping for. But there is at least a lot of skepticism, at least many question marks, and more and more ethical issues. Can international “sports circus” be safe, where should athletes stand in the line of vaccinations, and why do fans sometimes lose patience?

Chaos in Cairo

“It’s a parody. It’s a joke,” complained one of the world’s (if not the best) men’s handball player, the Norwegian Sander Sagossen, who was co-organizing the World Cup in Egypt. Before the start, the United States and the Czech Republic had to retreat at the last minute due to cases of Coronavirus, so there was a rare case that the World Cup in a big football match started with the upcoming teams (Switzerland, North Macedonia)). UEFA helped demand (contrary to plans) that the tournament be a closed goalkeeper. Teams abroad complained of poor treatment of health regulations and insufficient segregation; Addition, with different intensities. Several delegations also formally expressed their concerns.

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Cape Verde had to retreat from Cape Verde (Photo:

Before the opening match for the Hungarian national team, he did not know if there was a meeting due to the Coronavirus cases that had hit Cape Verde – so that the match would be played and he would not be able to run for the next match. The African team then retreated.

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