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The seizure of Trump's property has been made public

The seizure of Trump’s property has been made public

On Friday, the court announced Donald Trump An ever more detailed list of documents seized during an FBI search of his home, the official legal address of the search has also been revealed.

The federal judge in charge of the case in Florida released the Justice Department’s file, including an inventory that was taken during a home search. She says that at Trump’s Florida residence, investigators found secret documents stored among private documents. Based on the summary, a total of about 100 documents were classified as “secret,” “confidential,” or “top secret.”

In addition, the authority also confiscated 11,000 non-confidential government documents, as well as other personal documents, photographs, magazines, press clippings, books, and many items marked as clothing/gifts included in the inventory.

Among the documents found in the offices are dozens of blank files marked “confidential,” according to the ministry’s filing in court.

Regarding the blank files, an expert who spoke to CNN anonymously said they are asking questions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they previously contained classified documents, because based on government practices, these files are often reused and thus remain empty.

Ministry documents revealed that a search operation on August 8 at the Mar-a-Lago residence began on suspicion of violating federal law.

The federal judge handling the case held a hearing in Florida on Thursday to consider a request from Donald Trump’s attorney to appoint an independent legal expert to review the documents. Representatives of the former president demanded the appointment of an outside expert, citing the unprecedented nature and transparency of the case.

Representatives of the Federal Ministry of Justice told the judge that the appointment of such an expert would slow down the process and harm the interests of the investigation. The ministry also announced earlier this week that it has already finished examining the seized documents, which also makes the presence of an independent expert unnecessary. No decision on the expert’s appointment was made in Florida court Thursday.


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