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The season of hake has begun in Rome, where even those who never eat fish eat it

The season of hake has begun in Rome, where even those who never eat fish eat it

We still sell most of the legendary products, so you can’t go wrong with this one

— mention the owners of the company that owns and operates Ives Beer Garden, the Eventrend Group, adding: Not flamboyant, but trout and trout bisque are also part of their permanent offering.

Where the heck is the king. Image: event trend

Zoltán Kőrössy, one of the founders of Eeventrend, told Világgazdaság that about 60 million forints were spent on the famous restaurant on the Romanian coast, which was bought six years ago, the kitchen technology was renewed last year, and the terrace furniture was renewed this year. .

Római-part is a true city within a city, the only part of the Danube coast in Budapest where the river meets the living environment itself,

Precisely for this reason, it is a place with an exceptional atmosphere, a special microclimate, where it is pleasant to live and go on excursions. Among the signature buffets with terrace, Evezs opened in 1984 in a brick kiosk, representing the tradition that made catering on the Romanian coast both popular and unique in the capital.

Traditional dishes in a modern presentation. Image: event trend

Most Budapest residents visit the Rómaira hekket at least once a year, if they can, lángos are also very popular, and hikers who mostly come by bike or dog can choose from an extremely rich selection of beers here.

The four-to-five-kilometer Danube promenade on the Romanian side is home to only seasonal food,

The buffets have a terrace, but they still lack indoor space, as does the beer garden in Evis, which is open from May to October for that reason.

On the Római coast, the Hungarians, who consume very little fish, like to try perch and trout, and of course the great fish soup is also popular, which is also an indispensable part of the ever-present Evis.

However, in recent years many dishes have been added to the menu which are also in line with the changing trends. In addition to fresh salads, poultry, and classic French fries, sweet potato fries have become very popular.

The fish line has been expanded with specialties, also adapted to the needs of the guests, such as oysters prepared fresh according to their own recipe.

The iconic entrance to canoeing. Image: event trend

The dessert show can’t and doesn’t want to stray from the hearty and retro streak of the Római coast, and in addition to the famous Oarling Pancakes, the cottage cheese pancakes instantly became a crowd favourite.

In the portfolio of the Eventrend Group, which operates places of worship, as well as Gundel, New York and Centrál cafés, as well as dozens of high-quality venues in Budapest, Evezős sörkert is the relaxed dominant line, where an affordable food and drink menu ensures that spacious terraces will never remain empty. never.

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