The season could begin with the Bahrain Double Tour

The calendar for this year’s Formula 1 race may undergo another major change, as recent reports indicate that the first two rounds will be held in Bahrain.

The changes so far can be summed up by postponing Australia until November, canceling China and Vietnam and replacing Imola with one of them. The other venue, which has not yet been confirmed, has a good chance of being applied for by Portugal, but there is a serious pandemic crisis there, so there may be doubts about the competition in Portimao on May 2. According to some sources, instead of visiting a place in Western Europe, Bahrain could be the venue for the unconfirmed jackpot.

“If the epidemic prevents the Portuguese Grand Prix, the idea of ​​a second competition may appear in Bahrain,” writes La Gazzetta dello Sport. This would mean changing the calendar so that Imola slides back a week (by April 25) and Bahrain’s second round will be ahead of it, creating a double round in Al Sahir.

“It is currently only speculation … Formula 1 has not commented on the rumors,” the Italian newspaper added.

Overall, Bahrain has done a great job in the past year, as it is still running a double-race. Alfa Romeo team manager Pete Zinder sees it this way.

He said, “We have the best feeling about Bahrain.” “Last year’s experience included the most safety. For me, that was the standard. The test wasn’t that effective anywhere else and we didn’t get results that fast either. The questions were answered in approximately minutes.”

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