The search for the missing actor in the California mountains for ten days was unsuccessful

On Friday, January 13, exactly ten days ago, British actor Julian Sands disappeared near Mount Baldy in California, where he had gone hiking. Although they have been searching for it since then with the help of helicopters, drones and ground search teams, they have so far been unable to find it – Daily Mail writes.

The 65-year-old actor was reported missing after the tour, at 7 p.m. According to Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Nathan Campos, a search for the actor is taking place in Baldy Bowl, an area popular with skiers and hikers. In addition to the harsh winter weather, the rescue operation is complicated by the danger of avalanches in the area.

Because of the weather, the rescue operation was stopped several times. Although his car was found last Thursday near where he was reported missing, no trace of the actor has ever been found. The authorities also tried to measure his phone, but they did not succeed, it is likely that the device has been discharged all this time. The phone signal was last checked on January 15, when it still indicated Sands was headed for the Mount Baldy area. The sign indicated a trail leading to a mountaintop as a possible location, and an area that was checked by ground search teams and a helicopter, but no evidence was found that the actor was actually there.

Currently, the search is underway with the help of helicopters and drones, but due to icy road conditions and the danger of avalanches, rescue units on the ground could not get off the ground.

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Meanwhile, the actor’s family and friends still hope that the man is alive. Many are optimistic because Sands was an experienced and prepared hiker and “I’m sure he was prepared for every possible situation”. However, authorities have warned that hiking trails in the area are particularly dangerous in winter, and even seasoned hikers regularly get lost or have accidents.

Sands, also known for the films A Room with a View and The Killing Fields, grew up in Yorkshire but has lived in the Los Angeles area for years with his wife, writer Evgenia Citkowitz. He has three children. In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, he spoke about his obsession with climbing and how important it is to seek out new adventures. In another 2020 interview, he described himself as happiest “near the top of a mountain on a cool, bright morning”.

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