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The script for the third Silent Hill movie is complete, so is it really achievable?

Elkészült a harmadik Silent Hill-film forgatókönyve, tényleg megvalósulhat? kép

Silent Hill Senior Manager provided satisfactory information on this.

Silent Hill games are one of the best horror series ever, which is why it can hurt fans so much that my two movie mods so far haven’t really succeeded in terms of quality (especially 2012) valid for tablet). That is, it’s been 10 years since the franchise came out with a new movie. However, the wait may be over soon.

The first part of 2006 spoke for the first time in 2020 Writer and director Christoph Gans is working on a new Silent Hill, but we haven’t heard from the project since then. However, Gans recently gave an interview in which he said that the script of the new movie, which is based on games and is also It will happen today. He was able to write and master this even at the time of the end of the epidemic, and However, its wording is a little tricky, as it’s not entirely clear if it’s actually coming out next year or just wants to roll out next year:

Silent Hill is a bit like the Twilight Zone: a fourth dimension, a place where everything can happen. I’ve been working on Silent Hill recently, and it’s Silent Hill for 2023 – because the movie comes out next year – and it’s not Silent Hill as I envisioned it in 2006. It’s Silent Hill for today’s audience, while deeply respecting the franchise.

While there are no specifics about the movie outside of the script, and it never actually takes place, it may coincide with the alleged revival of games that have been rumored in the gaming world for some time.

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