The Scots are banging because Boris Johnson is too amazing for the English

The Scots are banging because Boris Johnson is too amazing for the English

The British Prime Minister was not very enthusiastic about the Scots and the Welsh.

And on Saturday evening, the England team defeated Ukraine with a convincing advantage in the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship and reached the top four places. As is the case across the continent, the island nation has been experiencing real football fever in recent weeks, as evidenced by the fact that England, the UK’s largest member country, is doing well in the tournament. british prime minister, Boris Johnsont Also captured before the match against the Ukrainians, According to the metro However, this was not liked by everyone.

On match day, a huge English flag was put up in Downing Street, and in the middle of it Johnson put to the press forgetting himself as he provided the plate with his autograph, just like that. Gareth Southgate, with the captain of the English Federal.

Johnson has been an ardent supporter of the England national team at the tournament so far, with several pictures of him enthusiastic in front of the screen during his country’s matches or just like Harry ken celebrates his goal Against the Germans, the ensign’s work was already too much for those living in the north of England. The Scots, who also hail from the UK, resented the fact that while Johnson was surprisingly passionate about English, he wasn’t too enthusiastic about the Scottish and Welsh national teams that also made it to the tournament.

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The Scottish newspaper The National of Independence wrote that they were looking for the photo from 2016 that had it on it David Cameron The then prime minister stands with the Welsh flag as the small country played in the semi-finals of the European Championships five years ago, just as the English did this year. But they never found a picture of Cameron like that, so they don’t understand what it takes for Johnson to decorate the English flag.

The gesture was also criticized by the Prime Minister on Twitter, with many noting that it was not the smartest idea to put the English nation dizzyingly ahead of the rest as more and more people leave their UK out.

Otherwise, England and Scotland faced each other in the tournament, playing each other in a losing tie. The Scots said goodbye to the tournament after the group matches, but England still had a chance to win the European champions.

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