The clip was shared another seven years ago by Andrei Borovikov, now convicted.

The Arkhangelsk Court has sentenced Andrei Borovikov, Navalny’s campaign coordinator, to two and a half years in prison for sharing a Rammstein clip on a community site called VKontakte, writes

The man’s lawyer said Borovikov was convicted of posting pornographic material on the Internet. The man defended himself in court by sharing hundreds of videos outside of it.

The proceedings against Andrei Borovikov, which began in September 2020, were related to Ramstein’s “Obsession”. Video clip Which was shared with VKontakten in 2014. During the investigation, experts found that the clip contained pornographic scenes and had no artistic value.

Actions against Alexei Navalny have also begun. He appeared in a defamation case on Thursday via a video link on the Internet in the Babuskinskiy District Court in Moscow, supporting the 850,000-ruble fine initially imposed on him for defaming veteran fighter Ignat Artyomenko.

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Additionally, another case is underway for the creation of a nonprofit that violates civil rights against an opposition politician.

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The Washington Post: Putin is toughening because he can't stop Navalny


Although the Russian president has somewhat succumbed to the opposition leader in the face of mass protests and international outrage, he still wants to dismantle the movement that Navalny brought back to life after encountering no such resistance during his two decades in power. So now he is trying mass suppression.

Navalny, who had lost much, was brought to justice, and another criminal case was filed against him

The Russian opposition politician called himself the terrible skeleton, whose sentence was confirmed in a defamation case. It also emerged that new criminal proceedings had been initiated against him.

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