The scandal is growing, and the Statue of Coles, which was inaugurated by Katalin Novak, will be demolished

The mayor of Nagykaroli will stand trial.

The Cultural Directorate of the County of Szatmar is now Ferenc Colsey He orders the demolition of the statue of Charles II because of its irregular base. wrote that on April 10, it was recorded that the pedestal did not comply with the permit, so the municipality of Nagykároly was fined 10,000 lei on April 11. On April 12, the statue of Ferenc Kölce was inaugurated Katalin Novak The President of the Republic (pictured).

Lucien Romacano The culture minister told Libertate that the punishment is legal, however Laurent KertosMayor Nagykároly, a senator of the RMDSZ believes that the case has a political character, Jenny Kovacs And when asked by Maszol he said:


As he said, he received the minutes of the fine a few days after the unveiling of the statue. The poet’s name is on the statue of Ferenc Kölce in Nagy Karol, next to him, on a stone pillar, is the phrase “Stretch your protective arm” with a piece of music by Ferenc Erkel, in Hungarian. According to Jenő Kovács, a Romanian translation is not necessary in the case of a quotation taken from an original manuscript, and Ferenc Kolci’s name is “impossible to translate into Romanian”, and the decision will be challenged in court.

Jenő Kovács said that the Minister of Culture also requested the demolition of the statue, and the permission of the mayor’s office can only be revoked by a court ruling, he wants the permission to be settled through litigation, and the penalty will not be paid. pataki chapa, The head of the RMDSZ in Szatmar County said that he was shocked by the statement of the Minister of Culture, since

Many nationalities have been living together in the Zatmar countryside for centuries, and it is not statements or cases like this that advance the communities cause.

By the way, Romanian extremists also tried to disrupt the inauguration ceremony in Nagykárolyi.

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