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The same number of people use two generations of PlayStation

The same number of people use two generations of PlayStation

Sony's video game division made unusual and interesting statements at its business event where it also explained its PC release strategy. susceptible according to Currently, the PS4 and PS5 consoles are actively used by 49 million people, with a total of approximately 97 million units in service.

In April this year, the number of PS4 and PS5 consoles in active use was the same, but users of the new console played more.
Image: Sony

This is not a big surprise, because when the PlayStation 5 was launched, its predecessor had a huge active user base, so game publishers continued to release their new games for about two years. Additionally, there was also a PS5 shortage for the first two years, so not many people were able to switch to it, even if they wanted to.

Another interesting context is that 42% of PS4 consoles currently sold are in active use, while 86% of PS5 consoles ever sold are in active use.

Although the active user bases of the PS4 and PS5 are the same size, there are significant differences in time spent in the game, with 1.4 billion hours for the old console and 2.4 billion hours for its successor, according to Sony. The time period in which this should be understood is not clearly disclosed, but depending on the context of the chart, it could be monthly gaming hours.

Sony PlayStation
In the same period, the PlayStation 5 generated significantly more revenue from the products and services sold with it, although in terms of core game sales, its predecessor performed better.
Image: Sony

Fortunately for Sony, it seems that the exceptional durability of the PlayStation 4 did not affect the financial success of the PlayStation 5 much, as in the same time since its launch, the old machine brought in an additional income of $ 580 million, while its successor brought in an additional income of $ 580 million. Additional income of $731 million. These amounts consist of physical and digital game sales, additional content sold for games, PlayStation services paid monthly, and peripheral sales.

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