The Sales Rack: The Best Sales for Back To Campus

Back to Campus Sales

The semester is coming up soon, and it’s time to renew your wardrobe and get that dorm room necessities list filled out! But with everything you need, what are the best places to get them? We got you!

For The Dorm

Of course you can never go wrong with the go-to places: Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, etc. for your dorm room furniture and school supplies, but there’s also a website called that has some pretty nice stuff on sale (They have Snap Dorm Cubes for $15.59!).

Another place to check out would be ShopKo, nice sales of the furniture, and even better for decor (if you wanna throw that extra spice on your side of the room if you have a roommate that is).

For The Stylish

I used to work at Forever 21, and ladies their sales are nice (online or in-store). H&M (one of my personal favorites) has a sale just about every time I step inside, and I stop by on a regular. The nice casual style button down for my fellas for under $20, plus a pair of chino for $30 (probably less than that if you have a good eye)!

And the most important, The Books

Books in college are worth an arm & a leg, so it’s imperative to find those sales! Here is a list of college textbook websites to visit for good deals.

College Textbook Websites

Also check out, Half, which is “like eBay but without the bidding aspect”.

So keep those eyes open and those ears clean for these sales people! Did we miss any places/websites? Start the discussion!


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