The sale of Portugal's Villa Abramovich was dug up at the last minute

The sale of Portugal’s Villa Abramovich was dug up at the last minute

Portugal has banned Roman Abramovich from selling his €10m villa in the country. The sanctioned Russian oligarch released a villa in the Algarve 15 days before the start of the Russian invasion in February, but at the last moment, on March 25, at the request of the Portuguese Foreign Ministry, local officials closed the company, not allowing a change. of ownership.

Photo: Sputnik via AFP

The most dangerous bank in Portugal, Caixa Geral de Depositos, authorities the deal Portuguese newspaper Publico According to your information. The bank did not comment on the information, and Abramovich’s spokesman did not return phone calls from newspaper reporters.

Jersey police also conducted a home search at Abramovich’s mall on Tuesday.

The British government, the European Union and Switzerland also imposed sanctions on Abramovich after they were close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Abramovich denies that the matter has anything to do with the head of state, but this somewhat contradicts the fact that he was also a member of the delegation for peace negotiations with Ukraine.

Last year, Abramovich also received Portuguese citizenship.

Much uncertainty surrounds the role of the Chelsea oligarchy in the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev.

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