The safest seats on airplanes were discovered: they destroyed a Boeing for this – Tirach

The researchers wanted to assess exactly how the fuselage was damaged as a result of a plane crash.

The purpose of the huge Boeing 727 experiment was to find out which seat is the safest on the planes.

The safest place on the plane

With the help of large-scale testing – and certainly of great expense – they were able to note the segment in which passengers are most likely to survive an air disaster.

The Mexican government allowed the experiment, which could be conducted in a dry lake area. The plane hit the ground at a speed of 224 kilometers per hour and it was a total loss.

It turned out that people sitting in the front of the plane were most likely to lose their lives, those who sat near the wings, that is, in the middle of the plane, could escape with more severe injuries, with some luck, and those who sat in the back had the best chances.

There could certainly have been a different outcome if the plane had not fallen in front but from behind for some reason. Basically, there is no perfect location for a plane crash.

The good news is that such disasters are very rare, and trained pilots can get their passengers from point A to point B safely. You shouldn’t be unnecessarily worried about something going wrong.

The small plane started to fall before his eyes

Bystanders in Belgium witnessed a heartbreaking scene as a small plane began to fall before their eyes.

(Images source: Getty Images Hungary.)

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