The Russians gave harsh warnings to foreign fighters

The Russians gave harsh warnings to foreign fighters

He said that the Croatian military attache was asked to join the ministry, saying that Moscow knows that about two hundred Croatian mercenaries joined a Ukrainian nationalist battalion in southeastern Ukraine last week.

“The best that can be expected of the mercenaries if they are captured may be a criminal trial,” said the spokesperson, who advised him to “think seven times” if he wanted to travel to Ukraine to fight the Russians there.

He pointed out that mercenaries carried out attacks and diversions against Russian convoys in Ukraine with weapons transferred from the West.

The general says that the recruitment takes place among members of the American mercenary institution “Akademie” and “Quebec and Dean”. He noted that Britain, Denmark, Latvia, Poland and Croatia had allowed their citizens to take part in the fighting in Ukraine.

Konasenkov said that 16,000 foreign mercenaries in addition to those already in the country can enter Ukraine without a visa

Opening: Ukrainian soldiers next to Ukrainian armored vehicles in Kyiv on February 26, 2022. MTI / AP / Ephrem Lukakij

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