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The Russians found new evidence of the launch of Leopard 2s

The Russians found new evidence of the launch of Leopard 2s

If we rely solely on Russian sources, the Ukrainians suffered their first Leopard loss in months. At the beginning of spring, they released a photo they said showed a Leopard 2 fighting with a Polish crew, but it was captured by Russian forces. The image quickly turned out to be a rather bad Photoshop.

After that, the pictures that Theoretically, Russian Lancets attack Western tanks. One of the shots was revealed to show a French AMX-10 light tank, while the other showed it Made years ago in Germany In a military exercise, the windshield of a Lancet drone was later shown.

Which brings us to the latest “evidence”: the footage posted on Twitter purportedly shows a Ka-52 helicopter firing missiles at the Leopards. The problem is that the “tanks” are oddly painted on the thermal camera recordingbut if we put some pictures of agricultural machinery next to it, we can easily see why:

The cover image is an illustration showing a Polish Leopard 2A4. Source: Getty Images

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