The Russians continue to actively attack Ukraine's energy grid

The Russians continue to actively attack Ukraine’s energy grid

The Odessa City Council announced a power outage in part of the county center, as a result of which public transport vehicles powered by electricity in the city stopped. All the city’s boiler houses providing district heating were also closed, and, according to local waterworks, the piped water supply in Odessa was completely cut off.

The press service of the Ukrainho power supply company said that emergency shutdowns occurred in several places due to damage to the electrical infrastructure. Details promised later.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video message to the public, saying that Ukrainian air defenses had shot down most of the Russian missiles and that the force was beginning to return.

The Ukrainska Pravda news portal, citing media reports in Moldova, reported that near the city of Briceni in Moldova, which is located near the border with Ukraine, local law enforcement officers found a missile after another large-scale attack on Ukraine. The area is cordoned off by police and border guards, and they are waiting for the arrival of specialists from the special services.

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