The Russians are preparing for something: a lot of tanks are gathering near Hirsun

The Russians are preparing for something: a lot of tanks are gathering near Hirsun

The armed forces of Ukraine are slowly but surely advancing in the southern part of Ukraine, in the Kherson region, with heavy losses. According to yesterday’s Ukrainian news reports, Ukrainian forces are already 30 kilometers from the city, and the advance is significant mainly in the southwest direction.

Now it seems that the Russians are preparing to strike back. The video below is said to be filmed in the Hartson region (possibly in the Crimea), and shows several Russian armored combat vehicles: mainly T-72 and T-80 tanks, BMPs, MT-LBs.

“The pigs have gathered the sad band, and they are preparing for revenge” – a user named Igor Girkin, who is believed to be different from separatist Igor Girkin with the call sign “Strelkov”, posted the video with this comment.

This video may be for deterrence/propaganda purposes only and no actual attack is planned in the Hurson area. However, if the Russian military leadership thinks logically (which has not always been proven), then it will already launch a major offensive in the Kherson region, with the aim of breaking the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces.

If this succeeds and pushes the Ukrainians into the city of Mykolaiv, there is a good chance that they will be able to at least partially compensate for the complete failure of the Kharkiv collapse, which appears to have serious political repercussions within Russia as well. :

The cover photo is an illustration. Source: Getty Images

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