The Russian team won an amazing hockey final!

The Russian team won an amazing hockey final!

The Russian team won the men’s hockey championship at the Pyongyang Winter Olympics after beating Germany 4-3 in the last extra time.


It was an incredibly good final (Photo: AFP)

The German hockey final was also a surprise, despite the fact that the NHLs were unable to attend matches due to the league ban. He used to have two bronzes, so he can definitely book the most successful Olympic Games in his history, regardless of the outcome.

It’s amazing how Vyacheslav Vojnov timing the leading score for the Russians. There was only half a second (!) Left in the first third when the goal was bombed.

With this goal the Russians took the initiative:

This, of course, did not break the fighting spirit of the Germans. Midway through the second half Felix Schutz balanced.

And it came in the amazing third trimester.

At 53:21, Nikita Gusev put the Russians ahead again, but the advantage only lasted ten seconds. Specifically, at 53:31 it was 2–2 on the scoreboard, because Dominic Cahon equalized …

Joseph’s goal

Cahon’s goal

Three and a half minutes left when the Germans advanced! Jonas Muller Across. There are no words!

Two minutes and 11 seconds before the end, the Germans advanced, of course, which the Russians scored against …

The fact is that the Russians shot down the goalkeeper, and they had to take a risk. Enter, Joshiv It was effective again.

It stayed 3-3 because it deserved such a crucial extension!

It had been seventy minutes since Ilya Kovalchuk could have decided the match, but he couldn’t lift it into the nearly empty goal from close range. Did not pass the goalkeeper.

The defining moment came at 69:11. Patrick Reimer was shown, and the Russians brutally took advantage of the four-to-three situation. more accurate Kirill Kaprizov Hit the critical target.

It was an exciting final!

With this success, Pavel Dzhoc became a member of the Golden Triple Club, 28th Olympic Champion, World Champion and Stanley Cup winner. The Russian star won a championship with the Detroit Red Wings in 2002 and 2008 and was world champion in 2012.

The Germans achieved their silver medal, the best fifth result in their history. The hockey players who won the second gold medal for the Russian delegation under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, after skater Alina Zagitova.

Winter Olympics, Pyongyang
Hockey, men’s tournament

The Russian national team – Germany 4-3 (1–0, 0-1, 2–2, 1–0) – after rolling
Goal: Voinov (20.), Gusev (54., 60.), Kaprizov (70), ill. Schutz (30), Cahon (54.), J Muller (57.)
The final result of the tournament:
1. The Russian team
2. Germany
3. Canada
4. The Czech Republic
5. Sweden
6. Finland

Men’s hockey game winners
Most Valuable Player (MVP, based on journalists’ votes): Ilya Kovalchuk (Russian)
All-Star Tournament Team (based on journalists’ vote): Vasily Kosicekkin (Russian) – Maxim Noro (Canadian), Vyacheslav Voynov (Russian) – Ilya Kovalchuk, Pavel Dzhok (Russian), Ili Tolvanen (Finnish)

Individual awards (based on votes from the competition organizers)
Best Goalkeeper: Danny Os Den Birkin (German)
Best midfield player: Vyacheslav Voynov (Russian)
Best Striker: Nikita Gusev (russian)

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