The Russian superweapon has been deployed to the front, with which many expect to win

According to the Russian News Agency, the tanks were equipped with additional protection to enhance the protection of their flank, and the crews took part in “combat coordination” at the training grounds in Ukraine. Tanks are currently used as artillery by Russia.

In January, British military intelligence reported that Russian forces in Ukraine were reluctant to accept the first shipment of T-14 tanks due to their poor condition. Deploying the Armata to the front would likely be a “very risky decision” for Russia, and the tanks would only be sent into combat for propaganda purposes.

Serial production probably means only a few dozen units, while battlefield commanders don’t trust the tank to be used at the front

British intelligence previously reported. The report added that the decade-long development has been plagued by delays, incremental order cuts and production problems.

The Kremlin An order for the production of 2,300 armored cars was presented in 2015 until 2020, But that was later pushed back to 2025 according to Russian media reports. In 2018, there were already rumors that Russia would rely more on replenishing T-72 tanks, and reduced the Armatas order to around 100 units, which were expected to be completed by 2023.The Russian News Agency did not mention any visual evidence with the report.

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