The Russian and Ukrainian delegations also discussed each other today

The Russian and Ukrainian delegations also discussed each other today

Arahamija said that

Official delegations discussed with each other for an hour and a half on Monday, and discussions in working groups will continue until the end of the day.

The politician did not disclose any details about the status of the talks. The Ukraine-based Pravda news portal added that the delegations recently held daily meetings at the expert group level.

Meanwhile, in Kherson, southern Ukraine, occupied by Russian forces, a pro-Ukrainian demonstration by local residents was forcibly disrupted, with many reportedly wounded and their numbers unknown. Local news portal Most reported that Russian forces fired hand grenades at hundreds of protesters, as eyewitnesses witnessed. The Ukrainian newspaper “Pravda”, quoting its sources, stated that it also opened fire on the demonstrators. In Kherson, locals have been protesting against the Russian occupation almost every day since the city was occupied.

In Rivne Province, western Ukraine, two rockets were fired at a military firing range on Monday. There is no information available yet about the victims.

In Odessa, southern Ukraine, Russian naval units opened fire on the city from ships. The head of the city’s military administration said on the messaging portal Telegram that many residential homes were damaged, but there were no injuries.

In a morning batch of statements by the heads of the district military departments, the Ukrainian “Pravda” wrote that fighting continues along the highway around the capital Kyiv to Zhytomyr. A humanitarian catastrophe looms in the Buka region, in the settlements occupied by Russian troops. Fighting continued on Monday in Boksa, Irene, Hostomel and Brovary in the Kyiv region. The town of Slavutych in the northern part of the province is completely isolated from the outside world.

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Russian troops fired on neighboring villages in the southern headquarters of the Mykolaiv region, according to preliminary data, there are three minor casualties in the attacks. There were reports of violent explosions in the neighboring province of Hersonissos, near the administrative border of the Mykolaiv region.

Russian forces are still firing on the area around the northern headquarters of Chernivtsi. There has been no electricity, running water, and heating in the big city for nearly two weeks, and gas supplies have been cut off almost everywhere.

At night, Russian forces again fired on residential areas in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. In the province, fighting continued near the city of Izgum. The situation in the Zaporizhia province has not changed. The Ukrainian authorities are preparing, Monday, to release a convoy of buses from the county seat to Berzyansk for those who managed to get to the city by a special car from Mariupol, wanting to take them to Zaporozhye. Ole Sinihopov, Head of the Military Administration of the Kharkiv region, reported during the day that mobile units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a Russian combat aircraft over the city of Chuhiv.

Artillery shelling and air raids continued in the Marginka, Oksreitin, Avgezhevka regions of Donetsk Oblast. Russian troops are constantly trying to conquer Marginka, but so far unsuccessfully. In Luhansk Oblast, Russian troops at night captured the settlements of Novodrossk, Lestansk and Robyzhny. In the past twenty-four hours in the eastern Ukrainian province, nearly twenty objects have been damaged, including three multi-apartment buildings and nine other apartment buildings.

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