The Roma commercial: Total War Remastered came out of nowhere

The Roma commercial: Total War Remastered came out of nowhere


You don’t even need to wait long for a revamped version of the Classic Strategy.

Mar 26, 2021 14:02 | Jerig | Category: Game

a Creative Association It’s been bringing out the best of the best games to roommates since 2000, and their names are primarily built with the Total War series. One of the best parts of this was Rome: Total War 2004, which at the time was also a major technological advance over its predecessors.

Now, seventeen years later, the studio has decided it was time to get off the flick of the game Brutal reactivity Work with your team to prepare the revamped version. This will be Rome: Total War Remastered, which will be revamped not only in its visuals, but also in terms of content.

The basis of this release is to raise the graphics to a level that meets today’s expectations, so we also get 4K resolution, environment and characters more detailed. But then, the creators add new features to the gameplay (heat map, tactical map, redesigned diplomacy system, new camera management), expand the list of tutorials and tips, and gain an in-game knowledge base.

They also take the game to a new level in terms of content, as the list of the original 22 playable factions has been expanded with 16 additional factions. Commercial agents emerge with which we can build thriving business relationships, but we can even seduce enemy agents. In addition to the base game, the new version already includes the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander add-ons.

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ROME: Total War Remastered is scheduled for release on April 29th, exclusively for PC. ■

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