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The role of meat in society from the point of view of scientists

The role of meat in society from the point of view of scientists

the The Animal Task Force and the Belgian Association for Meat Science and Meat Technology organized a joint symposium titled “The Role of Meat in Society: Introducing the Dublin Declaration to Scientists” on the environmental and economic impacts of animal husbandry and human health issues related to meat consumption – up-to-date information and evidence based on science.

The Animal Task Force (ATF), a European partnership organization that aims to create a sustainable and competitive European livestock sector through knowledge transfer and innovation, create a network between scientists working in the field of meat science and technology and encourage scientific research, something related to meat and a symposium entitled “The Role of Meat in Society : Presentation of the Dublin Declaration for Scientists” was held in Brussels on April 12, 2023, at the joint organization of the Belgian Association for Meat Science and Meat Technology (BAMST), which aims to disseminate science-based information about its role in sustainable food security.

The main purpose of the event, which was held with the participation of a representative of the European Commission, as well as Belgian, English and German experts, was to present the main findings of the summit held in Dublin in October 2022 under the title “The Social Role of Meat – What Science Says” to policy makers and actors in the sector. And also to the media.

Image: “The Role of Meat in Society: Introducing the Dublin Declaration” Symposium

Source: PRINCIPLE – The societal role of meat and livestock. What does the science say

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As is well known, following the Dublin Summit, the “Dublin Declaration of Scientists on the Social Role of Animal Husbandryand a document with increasing impact, signed by more than 900 scientists around the world. The previous summit and statement issued are milestones in terms of communicating the latest information and scientific evidence based on the human health, environmental and economic impacts associated with livestock farming and meat consumption in this important area, which is currently the subject of Discussions about resilience and sustainability of food systems is at its heart.

The Role of Meat in Society: Presenting the Dublin Statement for ScholarsThe seminar will discuss the following main topics:

The global role of meat: an international perspective

The Dublin Declaration for Scholars – Its Origins and Key Messages

Meat is important to human health and nutrition

– The role of meat in sustainable food systems – Cycle, environmental context and metrics

– Social Dimensions of Meat – Economics and Ethics.

The main messages of the event, which was held with the participation of the world’s leading experts, were:

– Animal husbandry guarantees the livelihood of nearly one out of every six people on earth, as well as providing food for hundreds of millions of people, and many cultural and culinary legacies are associated with it, so animal husbandry systems are of great value to society so that they do not fall victim to them. Simplification and reduction.

The application of good science-based practices in animal husbandry is key to successfully addressing global health, climate and development challenges.

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This raises serious concerns that despite the fact that the data analysis of the Global Burden of Disease study published in 2019 is now recognized to be flawed, the incorrect data and information contained therein have not yet been corrected or withdrawn, so they affect Currently also on the EU (eg F2F) and other international policies (FAO, UN, WHO).

The claim that eating small amounts of red meat is unhealthy and poses risks to human health can be refuted by scientific facts! Nutritionists agree that fresh meat and dairy products should be part of a balanced diet. It is clear that the complete removal of these animal products from the diet will have a negative impact on human health – especially for special groups such as childbearing age, pregnant women, children, the elderly or those with chronic diseases.

– A sudden and drastic decline in animal husbandry will lead to unforeseen negative environmental, ecological and economic impacts, exacerbate the problems of developing countries, and increase malnutrition and hidden hunger in these areas, as the local population depends on animal husbandry for livelihood. It’s still phenomenal.

– Sustainable agriculture, as well as soil protection and conservation, cannot be imagined without animal husbandry!

In short, it can be said that today’s diets face an unprecedented double challenge. The growing food needs of a growing population must be met, while the goal of climate neutrality must be achieved with the joint participation of all economic sectors, in a socially balanced and fair manner, without endangering the competitiveness of the European Union!

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The role of farm animals in maintaining the circular material flow in agriculture is unquestionable. The use of inedible biomass for animal husbandry – thus producing high quality, nutrient-rich food suitable for human consumption – as well as the use and maintenance of unsuitable areas for efficient vegetation through grazing is the smartest and most natural way to be sustainable! Well-managed animal husbandry systems applying agroecological principles provide many other benefits, such as carbon sequestration, improved soil health, biodiversity conservation, and protection of important watersheds or ecosystem services.

In order for food security to be sustainable, as well as for the fight against climate change to be effective, decision-makers must be aware of the latest scientific evidence.

Sources: ATF – The Role of Meat in Society: Introducing the Dublin Declaration to Scientists

principle – The societal role of meat and livestock. What does the science say

NAK / Zsuzsa Borovka

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