The Resurrected Model has arrived at Silent Hill in Fallout 4

The Resurrected Model has arrived at Silent Hill in Fallout 4

We don’t even know when we first heard about Silent Hill’s mod for Fallout 4, Whispering Hills, and now it turns out it’s already done – at least for the first episode because it’s planned for more work. Not only were the creators covered in fog (although there is no denying, their hands acted in such a field), but they also added a bunch of familiar elements to the addition of terrifying fans, in the first stage, for example, we can immediately tour in Midwitch Primary School We could also meet a familiar opponent – although we probably wouldn’t be happy with these encounters. The team even thought of visiting the familiar dark and nightmarish gaming world and movies, using the Fallout 4 weather-changing effect in a very creative way, only here when the sky is overcast, which is a slightly larger area than when it rained Bethesda nuclear game. . Mods, including Rude And the NexusMods Also from the side.

Anyway, the good news for anyone seeing what they see is that on the one hand, the creators have tried to change everything to the point that Konami, which already has a barrage of attorneys compared to Nintendo, cannot attack them, and so on on the other hand, as the name suggests, They are planning more episodes. , As they want to increase the size of the city, more horror and familiar elements from the legendary series will be transported. Hopefully, as they work, the already mentioned publisher – or those whose IP address has been released – is also working on an official sequel, reboot, or something else. Rumors have been circulating for a long time, but it hasn’t been announced yet, and even if someone accidentally referenced them, they are trying to remove their traces from the World Wide Web.

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Fallout 4 is also required to run Whispering Hills.

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