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The Research Center was delivered from the biscuit factory “Kocka” – Science and Innovation Park – Győr Plusz

The Research Center was delivered from the biscuit factory “Kocka” – Science and Innovation Park – Győr Plusz

Mattie Mirader

Image: Tamas X

07.11.2023 4:21 PM

Former warehouse building of former Győr Kekszgyár, “Kocka”. At the beginning of 2022, we reported that the iconic building on the banks of the Mosoni-Danube River would get a new function. The renovation and construction work has been completed, and work will begin soon on the István Széchenyi University Research and Development Center.

As we reported in January 2022, the annex building at Széchenyi István University will become a development center and serve the purposes of an innovation and research centre. Work will take place on six levels of the building, with a total area of ​​approximately 4,000 square metres. The building was handed over on Thursday, November 7, and at the same time it was confirmed that work was still continuing on the building, but it was important to celebrate this important milestone.

Dr. Filip Balint, Rector of Istvan Széchenyi University, said: The building has been renovated and given a new function. In recent years, the world is changing much faster, and in this world every institution must find its place and role. “The Innovation Park is a symbolic building. We thank Dr. László Palkovic for supporting this project from the beginning.” Dr. highlighted. Philip Balint, referring to the fact that Dr. László Palkovic started investing while he was still a minister. Dr. Philip Balint reminded him that the university has approximately 14,000 students, of which nearly 1,000 are foreigners, and that the university continues to develop, just think of the faculty at Mosunmagyarovar or the research conducted at ZalaZone. The university president stressed that “our university is among the top 5% of the best universities in the world.” Audi is also moving to the Innovation Park, and the university has also gained a place within the Audi-D. Balint Philip.

Tamas Kolosvary, Director of the Innovation Park, said: The building has a unique architectural solution Covered with LED mesh. In the interior, 3,860 square meters will accommodate numerous functions: in addition to R&D projects, business development, catering and other services will also be available. Audi also has a place where students and engineers can work together on joint university-manufacturer work.

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János Škák, Minister Responsible for Culture and Innovation, also delivered a welcome speech. As he pointed out, Györ has always been an outstanding city in Hungary, not only because of its location, but also because good decisions have always been made in the city. The Minister also spoke about the necessity of achieving impact, and with this we can understand the intellectual, social and economic impact as well. However, innovation, research and development achieve these effects in the long term. János Šák stressed that foreign students and teachers represent development and the future, so he supports this kind of expansion, because it is in Hungary’s interest to function as part of the world. Regarding the future, the minister said: Among more than 200 countries in the world, Hungary aims to be in the top ten in terms of innovation. The minister noted that Hungary ranks eighth and fifteenth in research studying economic complexity.

Gyor is not a rural town. Győr is a hub between Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna – stated János Škák, who also said: This will be strengthened in the future and will be developed virtually, through the Hungarian research network. “Gyor is a place of hope,” the minister added.

János Škák is the Minister responsible for Culture and Innovation

Professor Dr. András Csaba Dzci, Mayor of Gyor, said in his speech: At the University Board of Trustees meeting, they decided to start a new course, then they thought about starting the production of electric motors at Audi, and finally the innovative park building will be delivered. “It’s good to be mayor in Gyor,” the doctor said. Andras Csaba Dzsi. The mayor recalled that at that time there were still demonstrations against the biscuit factory, so that the biscuit factory would not be closed, and after that the building remained hopeless for a long time, but now it could serve science. The city president also noted that the Sighet region is constantly developing, and this dynamic will continue in the future. Dr. András Csaba Dézsi confirmed what was said previously: The goal is to become one of the elite in the world, where Győr already belongs to certain areas, since here in the city there is the largest factory in the world in terms of motorcycle production.

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Simon Robert Balázs, representative of the Parliament of Győr, noted that five years ago, the decision was made to purchase the former area of ​​the biscuit factory by the Hungarian state, and then hand it over to Istvan Széchenyi University. Even then the university’s spaces were full, so expansion was necessary, and as for the future, he hopes that the research conducted here will contribute significantly to the results of the Hungarian economy.

Alfons Dentner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria Zrt, also welcomed the investment. Alphonse Dentner stressed that it is a great object that radiates power, and anyone who will work here can feel lucky. The German specialist emphasized: This week they can celebrate several things, and this is a great thing – and pointed to the production of the electric motor that was announced at Audi, which was also linked to the thirtieth anniversary of the company’s presence in Hungary.

When we opened the Gyor factory that year, some of our managers at that time had already graduated here in Gyor. Now, more than half of our 2,200 engineers have graduated from the University of Győr“- Alfons Dentner emphasized the extent of cooperation between István Széchenyi University and Audi. “There are many innovations and inventions ahead of us that we do not even know about. I’m sure none of them will be established in this building,” Alphonse Dentner looked forward.

The participating parties then signed a strategic agreement between Audi and the League, strengthening and renewing the close cooperation that also benefits Gyor.

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