The renovation of Bursi Castle continues with the support of the Hungarian state

The renovation of Bursi Castle continues with the support of the Hungarian state

Speaking at a press conference in Borsei on Tuesday, he said that the renovation work of Rakochi Castle in Borsey is continuing, the first phase of which was completed at the end of April.

Gabor Voldvari Ministerial Commissioner for Heritage Protection said that the second. Birthplace of Ferenc Rakochi, the first phase of the renovation of Bourse Castle. The planned construction work under the investment of HUF 805 million was completed on time. remember it

Last February, the Hungarian government decided to provide 1.25 billion HUF needed to implement the second phase. As a result, the building is expected to be re-occupied by the general public in mid-2020.

In response to a journalist’s question, the commissioner said that under the previous agreement between Hungary and Slovakia, there was a good chance that the Slovak government would also contribute to the costs. The non-profit organization, jointly established with the Teleki László Foundation and the municipality of Borsi, has submitted an application for a grant of one million euros to the relevant Slovak Ministry, from which I would like to cover the costs of the restoration work.
Laszlo DiosigiLászló Teleki, director of the László Teleki Foundation, said that construction work on the second phase has already begun, so it is supposed to meet the deadline for completion in mid-2020.

He added that preparations for exhibitions that will be attended by a wide range of experts will begin soon.

They try to find antiquities of Rákóczi available in Hungary and Slovakia, but they rely mainly on historical values ​​in the repositories of the Rákóczi Museum of the Hungarian National Museum in Sárospatak.

The school principal added.

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László Diószegi emphasized: that they are still striving to make the completely renewed castle economically self-sufficient, and the services available – exhibitions, conference center, hospitality and accommodation – will be designed accordingly.

Richard Horchzyk Member of Parliament (Fidesz-KDNP), II. Ferenc Rakochi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization, confirmed that they are working towards it

The prince’s birthplace should become a place of pilgrimage that everyone must reach at once.

It was stated that II. Ferenc Rakozzi singled out different nationalities that could serve as an example for future generations.


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