The rendering is flowing from the Xiaomi concept car

The rendering is flowing from the Xiaomi concept car

The panel also curves along the shorter sides of the phone.

It is said to be able to charge smartphones and other gadgets from a distance of several meters We have air freight technology After its disclosure, Xiaomi created another curiosity: it made the world’s first mobile phone display with all four bezels ‘flush’ alongside a smartphone, so there are no ports on the device either.

The effect wasn’t perfect, there are black blind spots at the corners of the screen, but the solution is visually interesting nonetheless. According to Xiaomi, there is a working prototype of the device shown in the video, but it is currently only seeing it as a new concept, which means that there is no guarantee that even a single mobile phone with such a screen will ever be available. the creator.

Caution is understandable, as the screen presented by Samsung, which flows to the sides of the phone to some extent, looks very modern, but it may cause inconvenience and double the number of unintended touches when using phones.

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