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The Renault Twingo electric car will be small, cheap and very cute

The Renault Twingo electric car will be small, cheap and very cute

In 1993, the Twingo showed the world that even a very small car could be a big star, and thirty years later, Renault is gearing up for a big launch with it again, returning as an affordable electric car with plenty of style.

In 2023, the first Renault Twingos turn 30 years old, and these adorable little cars, which could be city buggers and family cars, are now veterans. These are affordable, stylish, colorful, cheerful, infinitely compact and at the same time amazingly spacious cars that made gray weekdays easier. This is exactly what we need in the age of powerful, very large and senselessly expensive electric cars, which is why the Twingo retains its original values.

The Renault Twingo Legend concept car features beautiful round lights, a round handle and a hint of the 90s.

It doesn’t have a fabric roof that opens back like an accordion, and people and luggage can be loaded into the passenger compartment through five doors instead of three, but the design is pleasantly reminiscent of the first and, to some extent, the second generation. It’s certainly gotten bigger, but according to Renault, its body still takes up 20 percent less space than the average European car.

Technical details about the Twingo electric car have not been revealed, but according to Renault’s promise, its carbon footprint is 75 percent lower than that of the average internal combustion car, and its average consumption is less than 10 kWh/100 km, which is great. truly. The mass-produced version will be ready by 2026, and will be available for around 20,000 euros.

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