The remains of dead US presidents will be sent into space

This is how the history of the United States will be presented to future astronauts.

Four former US presidents may receive an unusual reburial: George Washington, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy And Dwight D Eisenhower Your DNA is placed in special capsules, and the rocket carrying it is sent into deep space, he writes IFLScience.

A story line fit for science fiction is not fantasy, the funeral service will be performed by funeral company Celestis. According to the company, the remains of former heads of state would serve as data carriers for future civilizations settling in deep space, which would tell the story of the United States. The hair remnant will be launched on a United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket.

Not only will the company commemorate former US presidents: a Star Trek He adds that the remains of several members of the sci-fi franchise will be rocketed Celestis’ first Enterprise flight is expected to reach between 150 million and 300 million kilometers deep into space outside the Earth-Moon system.

The company did not provide information on how future space travelers will obtain information about Earth and the United States from human remains. The Enterprise flight, which will launch in 2023, will also provide two prototype satellites for Amazon.

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