The remains of a missing Australian hunter have been found in a crocodile

May 03, 2023 – 08:04

The body of an Australian man who went missing Saturday while hunting with friends in North Queensland, Australia, has been found inside a crocodile. writes bbc.

Kevin Darmody, 65, went missing in the crocodile-infested Kennedy Bend area. Australian authorities said that after two days of searching, police had euthanized two crocodiles and found human remains.

The remains have yet to be officially identified, but the police have already said they have definitely found Darmody.

One of the crocodiles is four meters long, and the other is 2.8 meters long. The two animals were shot. Although human remains were only found inside one animal, authorities believe that both animals may have been involved in the attack on the poacher.

Darmody was an experienced hunter, but on the day of his disappearance, he became somewhat estranged from his friends. According to friends’ accounts, they did not see the man, but only heard him scream. Although they immediately ran in the direction of the sound, by the time they reached, they saw no trace of it, so they informed the police.

Although there are many crocodiles in northern Australia, attacks are rare. Darmody’s case is the 13th fatal crocodile attack since 1985.

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