The Relationship Survival Guide: Summer Love

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Summer romances are always exciting and new and in some cases will make you feel as though you’ve found the love of your life. More often than not students go back to their respective states, travel, or stay close to their campuses for school or jobs during the summer. But what if, you meet a guy/girl on Tinder or in a bar thinking that it’ll end in a one night stand and all of a sudden you all find yourself in a relationship almost instantaneously without even realizing. Because we all know that falling in love happens when we least expect it.

But as summer dies down and your life slowly begins to return to its “normal” schedule, how do you make this new-found relationship last?

Though all of these may not apply to your specific situation here are some general pointers on progressing from “Boo to Bae”:

*Disclaimer: these tips aren’t listed in any particular order and should be not taken as professional relationship advice

#1: Social Media

If you find yourself in a long distance relationship or you both just have very busy schedules use social media to your advantage. Communication is key to keeping any relationship afloat. Face Time, Glyde, Snapchat, and Instagram, to name a few, can help alleviate some of the communication stresses. Even if it is only 10 seconds long.

#2: Vacations

Planning to visit one another during major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas or spring break can give you both something to look forward to and keep your relationship exciting. Who doesn’t enjoy planning a trip, especially if you get to see and spend quality time with your significant other?

#3: Sending Gifts

Sending and receiving surprise gifts just because could even melt the heart of [insert evil villain here]. Flowers, candy, tickets to see his/her favorite band or sports team are all great ways to show your affection and appreciation for your love.

#4: Support

Supporting your significant other in the things that they love to do always goes a long way. If you have the time always support them. Whether it’s helping them with a homework assignment, sending a support text before an exam, bringing them lunch in-between classes, or even encouraging them to practice their skills on their favorite hobby. Everyone loves to have someone “shooting with them in the gym.”

#5: Keeping Things Honest

You have to be honest with yourself and your partner. If you know that you’ve had rigorous schedules in the past and may have one in the upcoming semester then sit down and have a conversation with your partner about taking the relationship further. It is always better to nip things in the bud before realizing you won’t have time to maintain a flourishing new love.

#6: Maintaining the Spark

Everyone loves spending time with their partner so being creative in the “activities” department will keep your flame kindled even after the summer heat has subsided. Intimacy is a core component in all relationships and does not directly mean sex. In-depth conversations, picnics, bubble baths, foot rubs, cooking together, spontaneous dates, and even battle rapping to beats you found on YouTube are all forms of intimacy.

#7: Fun, Fun, Fun!

There are enough things going on in your busy schedule that you have to take seriously almost 100% of the time. So keep things fun! Make each other laugh and keep things light. Remember, you started this relationship during the most fun and carefree part of the year and that’s what you’re used to. This way it doesn’t seem as though things are moving too fast.

#8: Be Understanding

Things aren’t going to be the way they were during the summer. You have to understand that your partner had a life before you and is trying their best to incorporate you into their lifestyle. So if you aren’t receiving text messages immediately after you send them, don’t worry they haven’t forgotten about you and don’t sweat the read receipts.

#9: Make Time for YOU

Although you have a new-found love the best way to keep the love alive is to give each other space. You’ve just spent about 90 days with one another, give or take, so it only makes sense to make time for other things. Such as, spending time with friends, exercising, personal hobbies, volunteering, or binge watching that Netflix series you’ve seen about thirty times. Personal time gives you the opportunity to relax, relate, and release, thanks Whitley.


It seems like rocket science, but relationships are exactly what you make them out to be. IF this is someone you want to continue having a relationship with after the summer has ended, continue the relationship. The only thing standing in the way of your happiness is you. We all have heard the saying “people make time for what/who they want” so if the relationship is what you want, make time for it. Stick to what you know and don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. If you can’t remember anything else remember, communication, honesty and patience is the recipe for success.


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