The Red Bull team boss was shocked by what Hamilton had to say about their car

After last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said something about the Red Bull RB19 machine that even Austrians team principal Christian Horner surprised him.

The seven-time world champion, who is a bit different from his British habit, did not criticize this time, but rather praised him. After the race in Melbourne, he was able to say that he had never seen a car as fast as the RB19 in his life. And you can hardly argue with him, as the Red Bulls have dominated all three races this year (three wins and two more podium places), and at the Saudi Grand Prix Hamilton and Mercedes could not keep up with Max Verstappen even with DRS.

Max Verstappen has been almost out of his reach so far this seasonSource: AFP / Martin Cape

“It’s a great honor what Lewis said, especially knowing how great and fast the cars he’s driven in his career,” said Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, almost emotional.

But, speaking of Horner, let’s add that the team leader also noted that the first three races showed that they still have room for improvement, because the car looks very weak. Besides, all of this is not good news in the longest season ever with 21 “regular” races and six sprints. Especially since Horner is preparing in such a way that most teams will surely come up with something new when they return to Europe.

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