The recycle bin can be placed on Android 12

The recycle bin can be placed on Android 12

Google will hold its annual developer conference in May, where there will be a good opportunity to discuss what’s new in the upcoming Android OS release. But even before the official announcement, a lot of information was already leaking from pre-developer versions of the mobile software.

XDAD Developers Stab Indications that Android 12 might get Trash / Trash folder in storage settings, which is very similar to the Recycle Bin on desktop systems. Clicking on this option will display a notification about how much space the deleted files collected there will consume, which can be permanently eliminated by emptying the trash. The group folder is useful mainly because files stored in it can be restored for another 30 days after deletion.

Since this is another feature under development, it is questionable whether it will eventually enter the system directly.

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