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The recovered Princess Katalin sent this message to the people: The palace also confirmed the date of her return – Világstzár

The recovered Princess Katalin sent this message to the people: The palace also confirmed the date of her return – Világstzár

He has not appeared in public for two months Princess CatherineThe cleric underwent abdominal surgery in mid-January, but the palace did not provide information about the reason for the intervention, but it turned out that it was not due to cancer, which forced him to undergo surgery. In the absence of information, troubling theories began to spread online, primarily on TikTok. In addition to theories, predictions have also been made, but we will not go into their details, because they may not cover reality.

Many fans have asked for updates as they are very concerned about William's wife, and finally, in order to lighten the mood, the Palace issued another statement regarding the Duchess of Wales yesterday.

When will Princess Katalin return?

Kensington Palace has already confirmed this week that Catherine is doing well and is still recovering at home. They had to do this after Vilmos canceled at the last minute the attendance of his late godfather II. At Constantine's memorial service. But all they achieved with this secrecy was that people began to gossip more about the fact that the heir to the throne had skipped the ceremony and might have had something to do with Catalin.

Photo: Stephen Bond/Getty Images Hungary

The announcement from the palace in which the message of the Duchess A Daily Mirror Announce.

“The Duchess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will generate. She hopes that the public will respect her request to maintain as much normalcy as possible for her children and to keep her personal medical information confidential. Kensington Palace therefore only publishes updates about her Royal Highness. “His Highness is recovering as important new information becomes available . The Duchess of Wales would like to apologize to everyone involved for having to postpone her upcoming royal duties. She's looking forward to any of these potential, and will replace most of them as soon as possible. “

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The Palace spokesperson also added that according to information shared about the Princess in January, Catherine's return date is still undetermined, so the Princess of Wales will return to work after Easter, and fans will finally be able to see her again.

Megan visited the recovering Princess Katalin: it became clear how open Vilmos' wife was to reconciliation

Princess Meghan and Princess Catherine have embarked on the path to reconciliation.

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