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The reason for the breakup has been revealed!  Attila Gaspar accused Evelyn of this

The reason for the breakup has been revealed! Attila Gaspar accused Evelyn of this

As we already wrote, after rumors it was established that Evelin Gáspár and his partner, Attila, had separated.

Evelyn recently revealed a few words about it: She said it hurt so much that it turned out that way, and then revealed that His ex has been feeling jealous a few times lately, which he has a hard time putting up with. The last straw for him was when Attila claimed he was with one of his cousins ​​while he was going to a party.

Blake I researched Evelin about it, but she hadn’t caught up by the time she closed the page, but at the same time, a close acquaintance of hers revealed what led to the young people’s breakup.

– Evelyn wasn’t the jealous type at all, Attila could go and have fun on his own, All he wanted was to tell me exactly where he was. However, his partner did not comply with this, At the same time, he was very jealous, which after a while Evelyn could not bear – the informant told our newspaper.

When he was filming on TV and not on the phone due to work, Attila accused him in a letter that he must be cheating on her with someone.

Of course, there was no basis for this, Evelyn is a loyal and decent girl who will never back down, even though she has been cheated on many times before.


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