The Quartet of Australia, the United States, India and Japan agreed in Washington

“The Quartet, which includes Australia, the United States, India and Japan, will show the world how to deal with problems in the most complex corner of the planet,” the US president said at the fourth partnership meeting in Washington. Although China is not directly mentioned, it will certainly receive special attention in the discussions.

“We are a group of democratic partners who share a common vision and vision and who come together to address the major challenges of our time. From COVID to climate change to the issue of emerging technologies, the approach taken by the United Nations when we met six months earlier, we made concrete pledges to advance our common agenda. And positivity for a free and open Indo-Pacific. I can now proudly say that we are making great progress,” Biden said.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison added: “There is currently no more dynamic part of the world than the Indo-Pacific region, which has extraordinary opportunities, diversity and wealth, but also many challenges.”

And the Indian Prime Minister announced that his country would ship eight million doses of the vaccine, which was developed by Johnson & Johnson in the United States, and produced by a local company in the country, to the Indian and Pacific states.

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