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The Quantum Error development team is complaining about the comments

The Quantum Error development team is complaining about the comments

Perhaps a higher quality game should have been released, or if there were no complaints about it, it should have been presented in a properly sealed and revised state…

Quantum Error is coming to PlayStation 5 this week. Since the game’s developer TeamKill Media had already announced it in 2020, it was expected that the studio would slowly complete it… which seems to have been successful. Metacritic has an average score of 47 on a scale of 1 to 100, and Opencritic has an average score of 49 based on press reviews. So it is below average, nonsense and, it must be said, disappointing, although it was already “gilded” in August, that is, by that time the version to be packaged on the disc copy was ready …

Well, let’s hear how TeamKill Media explains it on Twitter: “We’re proud of our game and actually take it as a compliment to compare it to AAA budget games, when obviously we’re an indie company with a small budget, which imposes limitations. Everyone who berates us on social media or Enjoying being reprimanded won’t stop us or change what we do. We can’t wait for players to play Quantum Error. We’re so excited that our players can finally play our game and nothing will stop our excitement.

We will continue to develop and with a larger budget we will do more in the future. Negative opinions do not change our design at all [a] Games we’re working on. Some people won’t like our game, and that’s okay, because that’s why there are so many other games you can choose from. We accept constructive criticism. To the players: We do not represent the modern trend; “We’re old school, and we wanted you to discover the quantum error after the tutorials and figure it out for yourself,” the studio wrote.

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Quantum Error will be released for PlayStation 5 on November 3rd. A PC port is also being prepared, and Xbox Series As for the studio, we appreciate if they do not follow modern fashion, but if something is not of high quality, they are simply trying in vain.

source: WCCFTech

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