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The quality of the Hungarian Video Library is finally revealed on Netflix

The quality of the Hungarian Video Library is finally revealed on Netflix

I’ve been looking for an answer for a long time on how to set a video streaming library – like Netflix or HBO GO – for modern content consumption habits, considering quality as well as available content.

That’s why I’m glad SurfShark, known for its VPN services, is one Compilation About the countries with the largest and highest quality Netflix video libraries. The goal was not only to bring the largest repository of Netflix video to the countries but also to focus on the quality of the content, so an attempt was made to set the highest IMDb rating, MetaCrtic and awards on the percentage of available content in different countries. Of course, this is not a perfect solution in terms of quality either, but it could still be an important step in the direction that it is not just quantity that determines the structure of an online video library. SurfSharks has used a lot of resources, including The Hollywood Reporter And that empire Lists of success in recent years, and:

It will be interesting to see how Hungary stands, for example, in this regard.

An unusual analysis is Netflix Flexwatch She used data from her database to find out the addresses available in the 70 countries in the database. Then I used IMDb rankings, MetaCritic scores, and awards to determine which countries had the most content and where the highest quality titles were.

According to SurfShark’s analysis, the United States has the largest number of Netflix content – 5,879 – while Canada has the largest movie catalog with 4,043 movies. However, it is important to note that having the largest video library does not necessarily mean that a country has the best and highest quality list of titles.

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For example, the United States and Canada have one of the lowest-rated video repositories according to the IMDb average (6.95), while Azerbaijan, Portugal, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia each have a high-rated index (7.13).

Let’s see the local stats (Hungary):

Total content: 5062

  • IMDb Rating Value: 7.08
  • Metacritic points: 63.2
  • Oscar-winning work: 65

These numbers can be safely compared with German stats, which can show a much lower movie title (2763) with a total content of 3995, a lower IMDb rating (7.01) and a metacritic score (62.9) for a series title (1232), not to mention less Oscar-winning films ( 62). In the Emmy-winning series, he is just one title ahead of Hungary.

In terms of awards won, South Korea has the best showing of 109 Academy Award-winning films and 35 Emmy-winning series, followed by Switzerland with 85 Oscars and 34 Emmy Awards. Although five Asian countries, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, lag a little behind South Korea in the Oscar-winning films, they are absolutely not shy about their 35 Emmy-winning series.

By the way, Moldova has the fewest Academy Award winning films (36), but their IMDb average score is very good (7,12). According to the survey, India has one of the most balanced video repositories in terms of quality and quantity.

Another interesting feature to search is that Forrest Gump, for example, is only found on Netflix in Western Europe, India, South Korea, Japan, and Egypt. The Tarpaulin novel is only available to Netflix subscribers in Canada, Mexico, South America and most of Europe. Another favorite classic, The Complete Godfather Trilogy, is only available in Canada, Russia, parts of Europe (we don’t have it above, for example), Australia, Japan and Egypt. On the other hand, Hungary is very prominent when it comes to friends, as Netflixers can only watch the full season in Mexico, most of South America, and India. On the other hand, the cult series Lost is exclusively featured in South Korean and Japanese video repositories.

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