The PS5 cat adventure game, announced two years ago, may arrive later this year

The PS5 cat adventure game, announced two years ago, may arrive later this year

Although there have been doubts in the past about Stray’s release, the game’s publisher indicated in a recent announcement that the game could hit store shelves later this year.

The June 2020 PlayStation Future of Gaming showcase for the first time saw a preview of exclusive games developed exclusively for Sony’s next generation consoles.

Many of them are now available, and the unique TPS for cats has been designed based on a very unique concept, which is However, we haven’t received any substantial information about Stray since thenthere were only a few mentions of feeds.

Now it is only the publisher, for example, Annapurna Interactive recently drew attention to the game In their Twitter post As it was announced, despite not attending the State of Play event in March, fans can still expect the PS5 exclusive to be released in 2022.

The last time we saw details from Stray at the Annapurna Interactive Show last summer as part of the Summer Game Fest series last summer, which was really amazing, was The console’s capabilities have been exploitedCreate an amazing world that even professional journalists watch with their mouths open.

We haven’t received an exact date yet, but it’s definitely worth the publisher’s appreciation for staying in touch with potential buyers and fans, so it’s worth keeping an eye on what they might be up to in the near future.

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