The province of Borsod-Abaug-Zemplén has become the new economic engine of Hungary

The Minister of State recalled the priorities set by the government for the provinces of Miskolc and Borsud-Abaug-Zemplén as a whole, as well as for the region of Northern Hungary. He referred to the Prime Minister’s annual assessment, according to which the Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Miskolc triangle will be added to the Győr-Szombathely-Veszprém industrial zone.

Csaba Latorcai stressed that the urban development program provides a special opportunity for Miskolc and its region. He put it this way: We hope that we can reconstruct the economic axis of Miskolc-Kazinbarsica-Ozd, and we can reinterpret the role of Miskolc as part of the economic triangle Casa-Debrecen.

The Minister of State emphasized: The Hungarian government is working with particular vigor to be able to install as many car system suppliers as possible here in the region, who can simultaneously be suppliers of the BMW plant in Debrecen and the Volvo plant to be built in Kassa.

He stressed that, according to the government’s expectations, the European Union funds and support opportunities will be disbursed within a few weeks, after Parliament adopted the latest amendment to the law requested by the European Commission in order to access cohesion funds.

Accordingly, they will soon be able to announce new tenders, mainly for economic, regional and settlement development, in which economic actors in Borsod-Abaug-Zemplene province, primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as local governments can participate, he added. He added: The government has also launched a program dedicated to the development of the Tokaj Zemplin region.

He is happy with what the foreign minister said, because the districts of Miskolc and Borsod-Abaug-Zemplene can only prosper together, said Gabor Siba, head of the KDNP’s Borsod-Abaug-Zemplene districts.

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