The protest wave and the blue wall could have ousted Donald Trump

The protest wave and the blue wall could have ousted Donald Trump

At first glance, the US presidential election recorded stunning records: an estimated turnout of around 70 percent (exact data is not yet available), the highest value since 1900, and Joe Biden and Donald Trump each received more votes than any presidential candidate in US history. ..

The peaks were steep

This morning, according to near-final figures, the Democratic nominee won 75.4 million votes, nearly 6 million votes higher than the current President Barack Obama in 2008, and 9.5 million (!) More than the 2016 Democratic nominee. Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump, for whom 70.9 million Americans voted, was also a big step forward – in 2016, 8 million fewer votes, and about 63 million votes, were enough to win. Incidentally, it was already more than what the two previous Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and John McCain, had gotten, and even twice the number of elected George W. Bush.

Before moving: Donald Trump will leave the White House in Washington on November 8, 2020. Environmental Protection Agency / Mike Thaler

Overall, Biden increased the Democratic camp by 15 percent compared to four years ago, and Trump expanded his base by 12.5 percent, which usually allows him to win a smooth election.

Anyone, just not Trump

Although it matters in the end who can “recover” the votes for the number of electoral votes – in 2016 Hillary Clinton won more than 3 million votes from Trump, that was only enough for 227 electoral votes, so the Republican politician who collected 304 votes could Electoral to move to the White House (Biden is now expected to win 306 electoral votes) – yet the question that arises is the reason for the high voter turnout and how Biden managed to get so many new votes.

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