The problem can be significant, store owners can request a payment delay online

The problem can be significant, store owners can request a payment delay online

Merchants only have a good month to prepare, and as of January they must provide customers with at least one form of electronic payment in accordance with applicable regulations. However, during a pandemic, they have to find solutions to other, more important problems, as the future becomes uncertain. Therefore, the Association for the Representation of National Interests of Merchants and Caterers (KISOSZ) will begin adjusting the deadline on January 1 if shopping malls and convenience stores are forced to open or close in a limited way, With the Hungarian nation Gabor Antalfi, CEO of the Board of Directors.

The newspaper recalls that it is assumed that not only the epidemic is preventing some 60,000 traders from doing their homework. The relevant authority of Magyar Nemzeti Bank stated, in yesterday’s conference, that some merchants have not yet received the information that the possibility of electronic payment should be provided as of January 1. It has also been suggested from other experts that it could take more than a year for card-like solutions, and likewise, to deploy on a pay-as-you-go basis.


It is a question of how the newspaper communicates with the finance minister With the announcement expected today. In a post yesterday, Mihaly Varga promised to announce the decision of the Economic Protection Operational Court on Tuesday, which, he said, could help make finances cheaper and at the same time reduce the use of cash. Postponing the general introduction of online payment tools would not fit this strategy.

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