The pro-Moscow dissident leader admitted: the situation in the territories occupied by the Russians is alarming

About this, the leader of the separatist and illegally annexed Donetsk People’s Republic, Genesis Pocelain Speak who said

Many families receive two hours of water in three days.

The city of Donetsk, the seat of the province occupied by separatists early in 2014, has lost its main source of water, the canal that flows through Chasiv Yar, which is still in Ukrainian hands, and the city of Behemut, the country’s hottest battlefield. Fighting in Ukraine for months.

According to Pusilin, they now want to create an alternative channel for transporting water across the Sziversk Donets River. He said that the army is doing its best to speed up the resolution of the situation,

But today we need water.

In addition, a water pipeline is being built to the Don River in Russia, which will somewhat improve the water situation.

Mine water is currently used by residents but, according to Pusilin, it is not of sufficient quality for residential water supplies.

This is disastrous for our water network, which is already in poor condition

said the dissident leader.

COVER PHOTO: Genesz Poselyn, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, in downtown Donetsk on March 26, 2022. MTI/EPA/Sergei Ilnytskyi

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