The private UFO files will be edited

The private UFO files will be edited

There have been many UFO sightings in northern Canada over the years, and the University of Manitoba archives have recently received more than 30,000 documents on the topic. Living Sciences. the documents Chris Rutkowski From the ophthalmologist.

The Rutkowski collection contains about 20,000 documents related to UFO sightings and about 10,000 documents from the Canadian government.

Several sources link to the Falcon Lake accident, which is the best documented UFO sighting in Canadian history.

According to Rutkovsky, the case is more private than Roswell. Americans still deny that anything interesting has happened in the new Mexican city, while the Lake Falcon incident is also considered private by Canadian and American agencies.

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May 20, 1967 Stefan Michalak An amateur geologist collected quartz near Falcon Lake when a group of excited geese passed in front of him. The man said that the birds escaped from two cigar-shaped objects lit up. Then one body flew away, while the other fell onto a rock. Michalak took a closer look at the structure, which he claimed was hot, noisy and smelled of sulfur.

The man opened the body door and saw a bright board inside. Then the door suddenly closed, and the temple blew hot steam into the Mechalac. His clothes were on fire and he suffered first-degree burns. The man had headache, diarrhea, and fainting for weeks. Subsequent investigations found that Michalak’s consciousness was clear, and not hallucinated upon perception. Years later, a curved piece of metal was found on site and was radioactive. Canadian and US agencies have yet to find any explanation for this phenomenon.

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The University of Manitoba plans to make the exceptional Rutkowski Collection available to everyone.

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