The Prime Minister’s most ardent advocates tested Urban’s pizza

After the Prime Minister also tasted the orange pizza named after him, after his celebratory speech in Kiskoros on the Day of Remembrance of the Revolution and Freedom Struggle 1848-49, Right-wing celebrities with megaphones drive government propaganda from millions of people They can’t miss it either. This must also have played a part in the fact that the specialty offered only for a limited time at the local restaurant sells so well. As we wrote earlier, the pizza is based on BBQ and honey, the toppings are given strength by rings of jalapeño peppers, and at the end some orange slices are inevitably added to the top. The restaurant in Kiskőrös suddenly became so popular that it was no longer possible to get a table there around noon on a Wednesday. However, Viktor Orbán’s pizza wasn’t cheap: a small pizza cost 3,530 forints, a large pizza 3,810 forints, and a giant pizza 10,330 forints.

Many of Viktor Orbán’s most ardent supporters shared their pizza tasting results. Daniel Bohar, right-wing reporter In an interview, he proudly admitted that he prayed every day, and that he also received the first communion and vows – He wrote on Facebook: tried – delicious.

His good friend and comrade-in-arms, political scientist Daniel Diack, XXI. The chief analyst at Szazad Intézet – also a member of Megafon – could not be left behind. He also shared the test result on Facebook: “Other than that, it’s really good, I wouldn’t have thought of that based on the recipe!”

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