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The President of the Canada Hockey Association is not represented in his position

The President of the Canada Hockey Association is not represented in his position

The chairman of Hockey Canada’s board of directors is not seeking re-election.

Hugh L’s decision has not been made. Fraser after this decision in his position, motivated by the desire to pursue other projects related to security in sports.

This decision was not easy to implement, but I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of the Transition Board of Directors. I’m excited about Hockey Canada’s plans for the future, which look to the organization to be an example of security in sport, governance and fairness, as well as the diversity and inclusion that allows sports beings across the board and the planet.confirmed at-il par voie de communication.

The running back previously said he was destined to have to step in to help correct Hockey Canada, following the national outrage sparked by the National Sport Organization’s management of allegations of sexual aggression, etc. Substantial compensation for victims.

Fraser was appointed as a member of the transitional board in December 2022, and since then, he has overseen a series of changes at the sports organisation, including the appointment of a new president and CEO, investment in sports security initiatives, and success. Amendments to rules and ensuring that the organization’s financial resources are clear and transparent.

Amendments to the laws were recommended in a 221-page report to the old Supreme Court justice Thomas Cromwell, which appealed to the privilege of oversight and responsibility.

A new Hockey Canada Board of Directors must be elected on the same day.

Members gain a new Management Consultant. This election will reflect several important amendments to the administrative regulations recommended by Mr. Cromwell and will pave the way for the next chapter in the history of Hockey Canada.Fraser added.

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Fraser points out that Hockey Canada is estimated to be in a better financial position to begin with, thanks to restructuring government funding and bringing back corporate partners.

Fraser resigned from the organization after the conclusions of an investigation report into sexual aggression allegations affecting members of Canada’s 2018 junior team were presented on appeal.

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