The president of the association fell into the Zidane scandal

As mentioned earlier, Noel Le Grat, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), spoke disrespectfully about Zinedine Zidane, the legendary midfielder who won the World Cup with the French national team, in a radio interview, and the case caused it. An uproar in France that the forum’s executive committee called an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday morning. At the meeting, it was decided that Le Graët would not remain president of the association, and that Phillippe Diallo would take over his duties temporarily.

Noel Le Graet went down for disrespecting Zidane (Picture: Getty Images)

Months ago, international newspapers reported that, regardless of the outcome of the World Cup, after the Qatar Championship, Didier Deschamps may leave the position of captain of the French national team. The first candidate was Zinedine Zidane.

However, after the silver medal in the World Cup, the French Football Federation is next, which is jointly organized by America, Canada and Mexico. Deschamps’ contract extended until 2026.

The head of the organization, Noel Le Grat, was asked by Radio Monte Carlo what he thought of the fact that the legendary figure of French football, after not having to captain his country, until – at least according to some rumors – He could be the captain of the Brazilian national team.

“goes where he wants” – said Le Graët, who did not even look for Zidane.

“What was I going to tell him? Good day sir, I just agreed with Didier, I’m looking for a club?” added the president.

The case caused a great reaction in France, to the point that Kylian Mbappe also corrected the president.

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“Zidane is France himself, we can’t be disrespectful to a legend…” Mbappe Books.

Le Great Bar I apologize On his statements that “do not express his thoughts and respect for the players”, during the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation He called an extraordinary meeting for Wednesdaywhere it was decided that Le Graët would not remain president of the organization, and that the current vice-president, Phillippe Diallo, would take over management temporarily.

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