The presence of a Polish opposition figure with the Pegasus spyware was also noted

The presence of a Polish opposition figure with the Pegasus spyware was also noted

The cybersecurity watchdog said that Polish opposition politician, Krzysztof Bryza, was hacked through his mobile phone with NSO’s Israeli spyware, Pegasus, while campaigning against the ruling party.

According to the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, between April and October 2019, the man’s phone was hacked 33 times ahead of the national parliamentary elections.

Messages stolen from Bariza’s phone were checked and shown on state television ahead of the parliamentary elections, which were won by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, the AP news agency first wrote.

Krzysztof Brejaza on November 22, 2018 in Warsaw.

Photo: Mateusz Ludarczyk/NoorPhoto/AFP

This news angered the Polish opposition. According to Tomasz Grodzki, the speaker of the Polish Senate and a member of the Civic Platform, the largest opposition group such as Bryza, what was revealed was “scandalous and unacceptable”.

According to John Scott Railton, a researcher at Citizen Lab, the case “will be a test of the EU/EC’s ability to deal with massive violations of fair elections and basic democratic standards in Poland”.

Brigga told Polsat News that hacking could affect the outcome of the election. He said he was not claiming that PiS would not have won the election, but that the wiretapping could have taken half or one per cent of the civilian platform, and with that, PiS now has a majority in the House of Commons.

this week I showedIt was noted that an opposition attorney and a public prosecutor with Pegasus in Poland. Advocacy groups push for a ban on UFOs in the European Union. (FT)

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